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Donations can be made to the General Offering, which supports the basic needs of the Church (salaries, utilities, insurance, etc.) as well as the committed expenses that are part of our mission.  Donations to the Deacons' Fund go to address local needs in the community.  Donations to the Capital Campaign go toward the ongoing renovations in our Church.

Our 41st Fair will be held in person on Sunday December 3 from 11am to 2pm, and online or mailed donations will be accepted from December 3rd through 16th!  Watch for updates and visit here to learn more about the nonprofits we support.

Centennial Tile.png

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the founding of University Baptist and Brethren Church in 2022, we offer you an opportunity to literally own a part of the church building.  Measuring about 9”x 16”, the original church roof tiles were replaced in 2016 and have been engraved with a beautiful image of the church and the church logo.   The proceeds of your $100 donation for the tile will go towards UBBC’s deferred maintenance fund.


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